Kenyan Musician Confesses Love for Zari Hassan, Buys 42 Cows for Dowry


The quest by Kenyan gospel singer Ringtone to marry Zari has gone a notch higher after he disclosed that he had bought 42 cows as dowry.

Taking to Instagram, Ringtone stated that he was planning to ferry the cows to Uganda – Zari’s home country- when the time is right.

Ringtone added that Zari’s ex, Tanzanian superstar Diamond, had not formalized the union by not paying dowry.

In a below the belt swipe at Diamond, Ringtone urged the Tanzanian crooner not to write a song about the unceremonious breakup with Zari and instead pay dowry to her kin in Uganda if he is serious.

He had earlier in the week made his intentions known after he revealed that he was looking for Zari’s number to take up Diamond’s place after their breakup on Valentine’s Day.

Ringtone said that he was the man to ‘lead Zari to Christ’ hat Diamond cannot offer Zari salvation.

“Zari Hassan needs a man to lead her to church and to Christ. Diamond can’t offer such.Naomba namba yake Zari. Inbox me asap if you have it. MWANAMME NI YULE ANAJUA YESU NA MALI ANAYO NA WAKO WENGI HAPA KENYA. By the way wakisii hawananga shida bibi akija na watoto,” wrote Ringtone.

Source:  Standard Digital Kenya

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