Kadaga on the Spot for Allegedly Meddling into Staff Recruitment Processes

Parliamentary sitting

Speaker Rebecca Kadaga is on the spotlight for allegedly meddling into every staff recruitment exercise.

Apparently, no staff even if it is a cleaner is recruited without full involvement or consultation of Speaker Rebecca Kadaga who has turned into the Alpha and Omega of Parliament.

It is evident that every time there is a staff recruitment exercise, Kadaga directly influences the Parliamentary Commission to favour her people and in the event that another candidate is recruited to her displeasure, she orders for cancellation of the recruitment and orders that the position is re-advertised until she gets a candidate of her interest.

It is not a surprise that nearly 80% of the staff on the 6th floor (Speaker’s floor) are Basoga.

A case in point is the recruitment exercise of Chief Internal Officer that first took place in 2014 through an external advert that was published in the parliament website, New Vision and Daily Monitor.

6 candidates were shortlisted for the interviews and these were; Etiang Joseph, Ijalla Stephen Fritz Mala, Keronga Edwin, Lubega Joseph Mukisa, Ndaula Geoffrey and Senyonjo Paul. The 6 candidates sat for written interviews on 16th September 2014 conducted by PILA Consultants, a recruitment firm hired by Parliament.

According to PILA Consultants, the written interviews would constitute 50% of the overall recruitment process and that the best two candidates would be recommended to the Parliamentary Commission for the second part of the oral interview.

However, whereas a one Ijalla Stephen Fritz Mala, who is an Etesot emerged as the best candidate with 48.8% and the 2nd best candidate getting 47.3%, none of the best two candidates were advanced into the second stage of recruitment (orals).

In his petition to the Parliamentary commission dated 18th July 2018, Ijalla said that he was “denied a chance to complete the second round of interviews for reason best known to the parties responsible.”

Instead, the same Parliamentary Commission controversially re-advertised the position of Chief Internal Auditor along with the position of Director, Communications and Public Affairs on 19th January 2015. Apparently, the interviews were cancelled and the job re-advertised with hope that Kadaga’s candidate would be favoured at the expense of other qualified candidates. The idea was also to frustrate the best candidates so that they do not apply again to allow a fraudulent recruitment process to flourish.

For the second time, Ijalla applied and was again shortlisted for the job along with two others; John Benjamin Emuge and John Bwambale Kyamakya.

With interviews scheduled for June 10th 2015, Ijalla says that he was taken aback when someone who identified himself as Nangoli Bernard of Human Resource Directorate called him on 9th June saying, “A meeting held today has instructed me inform all candidates for the post of Chief Internal Auditor that scheduled interviews will not take place tomorrow, but you will be informed of a new date.”

Ijalla said that since then, he has not received any other communication from Parliamentary Commission on the same matter.

The position of Chief Internal Auditor is critical to Kadaga for covering up her reckless expenditure and therefore, merit had to be sacrificed at the altar of connections.

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