Kadaga Camp Funds Youths to Stage Demos against Oulanyah in Acholi

Speaker Rebecca Kadaga’s camp has pressed the “Panic” button as days draw closer to the Speakership election in May this year.

Kadaga’s camp has now resorted to funding youths to stage demonstrations across the country against the candidature of Jacob Oulanyah. Oulanyah’s speakership bid has sent cold nerves into Kadaga who is selfishly hoping for a 3rd term as Speaker whereas all odds are against her.

Insiders have revealed that Kadaga camp last month facilitated youths in Acholi to stage demos especially in Gulu District mudslinging and denouncing Oulanyah as “unfit” to be Speaker of the 11th Parliament.

Apparently, her camp is using NRM youths led by a one Laker Moses Okot and a one self-styled Gen Olanya Olenge to spearhead this campaign. Okot and other youths is said to have recently met a team from Kadaga’s camp at Sheraton Hotel where they were handed huge sums of money to blackmail Oulanyah. Since pocketing money from Kadaga’s camp, Olanya Olenge as he calls himself on Facebook has constantly been writing malicious and unsubstantiated articles demeaning the person of Hon Oulanyah.

While Olenge was paid to “handle” Oulanyah on social media, Laker Moses Okot was handed the responsibility of mobilizing youths to stage demos around Gulu and other districts mortifying the candidature of Oulanyah. These fake demos were expected to have kicked off at the beginning of March. However, the slow pace at which the youth are responding to Okot’s invitation has hampered their plans.

Now, it has emerged that the same Kadaga camp has hatched another form of subversive plan where they intend to mobilize youth in Acholi to engage in an armed rebellion with an ill motive of exposing Acholi leaders including Oulanyah. The move is also to destabilize the reigning peace and stability in Acholi and pile pressure on the State and security organs at large.

Meanwhile, according to media sources, Kadaga has mobilized her loyalists in Busoga to demonstrate against Busoga leaders who do not support her. The demonstrations are expected to start today (Monday) in Districts of Kamuli, Jinja, Iganga and others. The demonstrations will target anti-Kadaga leaders in Busoga such as; Salaamu Musumba, Minister Isaac Musumba, Minister Moses Kizige, David Kamaali etc.

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