Is Zari behind Former UBOS Boss’s Bankruptcy and Heavy Debt?

Francis Mashate did try to keep a low profile during his tenure as Deputy E.D Uganda Bureau of statistics. And yet according to rumors, such is the honed stealth of many corrupt government officials. And like the rest of them, his character was synonymous with unhinged philandering. The proverbial Slay queen vis a vie corrupt Ugandan official phenomenon wherein; a government official frothing at the lips with lust bankrolls life on a fast lane for a horde of slay queens he is laying with.

If ever the list for such government officials was created, Francis Mashate’s name, sources have it, would be perched right on top of it. At the very epicenter of great corruption craftsmanship, there; where moneys are smartly siphoned out; where the auditor boxes are checked, and there is little to no trail, save for the inability to quench their unending thirst for luscious slay queen lips and brown succulent thighs.

Sources at UBOS reveal that Mashate is among many, if not, the most prominent funders of the ever so lavish lifestyle of renowned Ugandan socialite, Zari Hassan Tlale. Every slay queen in East Africa wants to be like Zari. They all want to have access to old, gullible government officials who drool at every sight of skin, and open their wallets at that.

It means better life for the slay queens. But for Ugandans, it means the disappearing of taxpayers money. For the corrupt government officials at the helm of these plots, it could mean many things but pertinently, being run to debt for the price of a few minutes of pleasure. Mashate is heavily indebted, and many fear it is the involvement of Zari in his lifestyle.

Is ZariThe Reason Mashate is Heavily Indebted?

According to sources, like many Ugandan men, Mashate was smitten by Zari. Except, unlike the other Ugandan men, he had access to an office through which he could access money to bankroll her lifestyle.

Sources reveal to this website that if it hadn’t been for the recent dart at tarnishing the name of a former business partner, Mashate Francis of Mash Events would have never been questioned.

“Mashate connived with a few blogs to try and tarnish the image of Liquid Silk proprietor, Elvis Ssekyanzi. But instead he ended up tarnishing his own image. He didn’t know that public is critical. We know he owns Mash Events. And were always going to question where he got all that money from. Where does a civil servant get 800M to investin a bar. Why was he in such a hurry? That money would take a lot of time to amass for it to just be wasted like that. We know he had all these buildings in Bugolobi, Mbale, Luzira and that he was dating Zari, the epitome of high maintenance. You can’t meet Zari in Uganda, you need an Air ticket to a luxurious island somewhere where no Ugandans will find you or notice her. That is quite the expense,” explained a source.

The news comes in the wake of an allegation that an arrest warrant had been issued for Liquid Silk proprietor Elvis Ssekyanzi.

Attempts to get a hold of both of them have so far been futile, and yet it seems the skeletons in Mashate’s closet keep jumping out at will. From being heavily indebted to Mbale, to dating Zari Hassan, and more unknowned slay queens.

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