Fat Boy Blasts Former KFM’s Aisha Alibhai: “You Had Sex With Roger Mugisha”

Fat Boy and Aisha

“Sanyu FM’s Fat Boy needs a more intelligent co-host. That fake accent,” former KFM presenter Aisha Alibhai wrote on her Facebook wall.

She had no idea this could fuel a cyber warfare with the immovable James Onen aka Fat Boy who hosts Sanyu FM’s Morning show.

In her Opinion, Aisha belives Fat Boy’s co-host Becks or Bex is misplaced on the show, for she cannot match Fat Boy’s wit.

Shortly after the post, Fat Boy responded to Aisha saying, ” Just say you want the job.”

Fat Boy further asked, ” Didn’t Aisha Alibhai have sex with Roger Mugisha? Now she’s here lecturing people on how to do their job. Why?”

It remains unclear whether, as he alleges, the two [Aisha and Roger] toured the southern hemisphere of Wakanda

Even though her fans and fellow radio personalities found Aisha’s comments “extreme” and “inconsiderate”, she stood her ground claiming, “we also had such comments or even worse.”

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