Ed Cheune, Anita Fabiola Get Romantic, Splash Millions at New Kampala Club

Fabiola and Ed Cheune
Fabiola and Ed Cheune

Uganda’s celebrity power couple Anita Fabiola and Rich Gang boss Ed Cheune don’t seem to be going anywhere yet.

On Friday evening, the couple was spotted turning tables and splashing cash at the newly opened Illusion club in Kampala.

Acting cozy and unbothered, the two spendthrifts splashed millions on champagne as they whispered sweet nothings into each others ears.

Cheune, who was clearly the moneybag of the night, wasted no time as he was spotted getting a feel of Fabiola’s hot brown body.

After downing several drinks, the two took off to an unknown destination.

Our snoops at the venue suspect that the two headed for “bedminton” at Cheune’s residential home.

The deveopment comes when there has been public concern that the two could have called off their underground relationship.

The suspicion grew when Fabiola continuously bragged about her American basketball Boyfriend, raising eyebrows that she could have called it off with Cheune.


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