Celebrities React as Martha Kay Nudes Go Viral

Martha Kay nudes leaked on Friday morning
Martha Kay nudes leaked on Friday morning

After the unprecedented leak of comedian Martha Kay nudes, celebrities have joined the fray to share their reactions.

While many sound comforting and alleviating to Martha, a section of them is seemingly impressed bu the quality of the Range rover girl’s nudes.

Alex Muhangi, a comedian just like Kay, wondered why anyone wouldn’t warn the country before dropping such a bomb. He says the day deserved to be marked as a public holiday.

“But guys, for SOME nudes, we really need prior notice. To prepare. Or even a public holiday. So there are no distractions. Don’t just drop bombs on us fwaaa….,” he tweeted.

Bruno K, a vocalist and artist held Martha in the highest regard, christening her a queen, now and forever.

Iganga municipality woman MP Mariam Seif advised women to be careful with their private pictures.

Bad Black, a renowned socialite and self proclaimed mother of ugandan hoes bashed Martha Kay for owning “such a kiddish” Vaja Jay.

“You are stupid, and a h*e,” she said, wondering why “a beautiful like you didn’t pull”.

In the videos she posted on snapchat, Bad Black offered to help Martha secure gigs in Dubai using her body.

Judith Heard, a socialite whose nude pictures leaked last year, urged Martha to say strong and keep her head up.


In case you’ve not yet seen the photos, check them out here:

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