ANOTHER ONE: Bootyful Even Shandrella Goes Nude

Even Shandrella

By now, if you’re not well acquainted with the name Evelyne Shandrella Komuntale, you seriously need to change your circles.

On Thursday, the dark-skinned socialite attempted to break the internet with a melanin-popping photo.

In the photo, for starters, she donned black underwear leaving her 10kg bottom in suspense.

As friends, admirers and followers were trying to come to terms with the groin-disturbing photo, the socialite has released yet another one.

As she says, “you ain’t seen none yet.” This is the bomb.

Unlike the previous one, the socialite now goes pantlyless with her hand only covering the garden of Eden.

Her monstrous hip however is the focal point here. A mere glance at it is enough to become a fanatic of Even Shandrella.


Shandrella showing off her naked hip
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