Kyegegwa MP Shares Sex Tape on WhatsApp

Paul Asaba Nsabimana, Kyaka North County MP

Ethics minister Fr. Simon Lokodo should consider cracking a whip on his fellow legislators who have continued to misuse social media platforms.

Hardly two days after Telesqop published a story on how Ngora County MP David Abala accidentally shared a nude photo of a sexy babe on a WhatsApp group-‘LIVE CHAT NEWS FEED’, another legislator has also shared a sex tape on another WhatsApp forum, prompting uproar from other members.

Paul Nsabimana Asaba, Kyaka North County MP also took a walk of shame on February 08, 2018 after he shared a pornographic video of a white woman and a black man having a steamy round of sex. Asaba posted the video on a WhatsApp group called KYAKA ADVOCACY TEAM, a highly influential group comprising of district leaders and councilors and other top elites from Kyegegwa district where he hails.

“Members this post is from Hon Asaba Paul. Eeh! OMG, a whole MP to post such on public media? Now what does this promote? Of what relevance is this post to the Banyakyaka? When we talked about defilement at one time, doesn’t this justify our topic? Is this why he was sent to parliament? Are our children safe? What was the motive of sending such to our group? OMG, terrible,” a one Businge Kyenda bitterly asked.


A one Tom Bright suggested that the group admin punishes the MP for such a ‘disturbing’ video.

“Dear admin you have all the rights to discipline whoever misuses our platform. It is a bad image to you all our good leaders of Kyaka,” he said.

However, the MP later said that his phone had been hacked and reportedly opened a police case on February 10 before verifying with Uganda Communication Commission (UCC) where he was reportedly told that his phone was not hacked.

The group members also blamed the MPs for being unapologetic and strongly condemned consumption of such pornographic information.




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