Speakership Race: Kadaga’s Fate now in the CEC she Undermined

Embattled former speaker of parliament Rebecca Kadaga now has to face members of the NRM central executive committee ( CEC) seeking their clearance to vie for the position again.

Kadaga has in the recent past undermined CEC as an organ that has nothing to do with parliament.

In fact, she even launched a campaign to have several members of CEC whom she perceived to be against her, be disqualified.
She also used her proxies in the Opposition like Asuman Basalirwa to lampoon CEC and threatening to use legal action to dismiss any decision that CEC makes especially if it’s not in Kadaga’s favor.

Kadaga attempted to water down the role of CEC often boasting that she is a bigger person in the party than most CEC members.

However, in the meeting on Monday, CEC confirmed without amendment the NRM parliamentary caucus rules for the elections of speaker and deputy speaker of Parliament.

Further it extended the term of office of the executive committees of all NRM structures, special interest groups and the specially nominated members of CEC for 6 months from 20th May to 20th November.

The meeting was Adjourned to 22nd May when it will vet candidates for office of the speaker and deputy speaker of Parliament and forward their decision to the NRM parliamentary caucus at its first sitting of 23rd May 2021.

It means that the boastful Kadaga has to be vetted by the very people she was sneering at.

Our sources said the always attention seeking woman from Kamuli arrived for the meeting late but was also the first to take off without greeting members.

It’s said that members equally didn’t want to be associated with her throughout the meeting and sensing unwanted gestures , the proud woman from Kamuli ran to her car as soon as the meeting ended.

Kadaga has had run-ins with all other senior leaders of the party and government as she assumed to be the only powerful public personality.

She used parliament to fight ego wars with other leaders and arms of government often inciting MPs to ridicule them.
She even passed a motion of displeasure against the President after parliament was caught in an ugly business of allocating themselves money which was meant for fighting Covid19.

She has intensified blackmail of CEC and NRM party by planting stories that she is too powerful to be dispensed with.
Her credentials, discipline and loyalty to NRM are going to be tested when CEC disqualifies her from speakership race.
Political watchers say her desperation to be speaker points to self centered ness.
She already undermined the position of Vice President as useless citing money as the main thing.

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