Sanjay Tanna ‘Fraudulently’ Acquires NRM Party Card

    Sanjay Tanna

    Candidate for Eastern NRM Vice Chairperson Sanjay Tanna has finally acquired an NRM Party Card.

    Tanna is contesting to join NRM Central Executive Committee (CEC), the Party’s highest decision making body. The position is currently held by Flight Capt Mike Mukula who is likely to retain his seat.

    According to inside information, Sanjay Tanna has reportedly not been having an NRM Card until Tuesday this week when someone ‘smuggled’ one for him. This has raised suspicions of fraud considering that fact that such activities including registration closed about 2 months ago.

    It is unfortunate that Tanna has not been involved in NRM Party structures yet he now wants to sit in the Party’s highest decision making body.

    In 2006, Sanjay Tanna contested as an Independent candidate for Tororo Municipality MP. Even in 2011, he still shied from taking up the NRM ticket and again contested as an Independent. In 2016, Tanna again contested as an Independent before losing his parliamentary seat to the incumbent Apollo Yeri, who is now campaigning for him for the NRM CEC seat.

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