NRM District Chairpersons in Teso Under Probe for Misappropriating Campaign Cash

NRM Chairpersons from three districts in Teso sub region have been petitioned to the NRM Secretariat for allegedly misapproariating millions of campaign cash.

The chairpersons on the Spot include; Charles Elasu, Soroti District NRM Chairperson, Isaac Okello Omiat, Amuria NRM Chairperson and John Michael Okello, Ngora District NRM Chairperson.

The trio have been exposed by a whistle-blowers’ report that is already before the NRM Secretariat desk in Kampala.
The whistle-blower in the report accuses Elasu, the main culprit of running NRM coffers like a family business. Elasu is accused of misapproariating over100m that was meant for Soroti district.
It should be remembered that NRM Secretariat released Shs300,000 for every village for campaigns. The money was to facilitate the village NRM structures to carvass votes for President Yoweri Museveni and flagbearers in the just concluded General Elections.

“In some villages, up to now there is no trace of such money and yet each village was entitled to Shs300,000. In some villages, the village party Chairpersons were being given only Shs30,000,” the report reads.

The most affected districts are Soroti, Ngora and Amuria. The whistle-blower has faulted the NRM District Chairpersons in those respective districts of mismanaging the campaign cash.

The whistle-blower adds that it is as a result of this corruption that NRM did not perform well in the concluded elections. For example in Ngora, all NRM flagbearers for Parliamentary seats lost. Incumbent Jacqueline Amongin, Ngora Woman MP lost to FDC’s Isodo while Achayo Lodou lost to Independent’s David Abala.

It was even worse in Elasu’s Soroti where majority of NRM flagbearers lost to FDC including the just concluded Mayoral race.
Elasu is accused of pocketing all the money that was meant for village campaigns. He is also accused of poking his long hands into the money that was meant for NRM flagbearers.

According to a source at the NRM Secretariat, investigations into these allegations are set to commence next week where Elasu and others at large are expected to be summoned for grilling.

Despite pocketing huge sums of money, Elasu is also accused of using party resources to openly campaign for non-NRM flagbearers.

In early January, before elections, Dakabela County MP-elect in Soroti, Cosmas Elotu who was also the NRM flag bearer accused the party Chairperson in Soroti, Charles Elasu for allegedly campaigning for his rival, an independent candidate, Peter Edopu Edepu.

Elasu, in the company of Calvin Echodu, who lost as NRM candidate for Soroti City West and other NRM leaders flew in a helicopter to Tubur Sub County where they are reported to have openly campaigned for Edopu.

According to Elotu, Elasu abused his office by openly campaigning for an independent candidate. Elotu also accused Elasu of discrimination in the facilitation of NRM leaders in the county.

This explains the bitterness among the NRM executives who have vowed to teach Elasu and his partners in crime a lesson in their forthcoming elections.

NRM District Chairpersons are expected to be elected in March this year following an extension of their tenure due to COVID-19.

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