Mukula Converts over 1000 NUP Supporters to NRM

Over 1000 supporters of the Opposition National Unity Platform (NUP) have on Saturday officially crossed to the National Resistance Movement (NRM) ruling Party.

The NUP supporters who crossed to NRM are from Districts of Kibuku and Budaka in Eastern Uganda.

Capt Mike Mukula, the NRM Vice chairperson for Eastern region, received the new converts from different events during his campaigns trails where he is single-handedly carvassing for votes for the NRM Presidential candidate Yoweri Museveni and all party flagbearers.

Mukula receives a caricature of President Museveni in Budaka

Mukula started his campaign tours in Kituti Subcounty in Kibuku District where he received nearly 500 new converts from NUP. He later flew to Kabweri County and wound his day’s tour with a meeting in Budaka upon the request of the political leadership who asked him to meet youths whom most of them had been swallowed up into NUP activities.

Upon lecturing the NUP youth who were 510 in number about what NRM government intends to achieve in the coming 5years, the youths through their leader, Benjamin Tembeiza announced that they have now seen the light and want to support NRM.

“We thank Capt Mukula for meeting us. We have been living in darkness but now we have seen the light. We were supporting Bobi Wine and NUP not because he is the best candidate, but because we were disappointed with the NRM government and felt may be we would get peace in NUP in vain,” Tembeiza said.

Mukula arrives for his campaign meeting in Kabweri Constituency in Kibuku District

In his speech, Mukula welcomed the new converts and asked for forgiveness on behalf of the NRM Party on where the party did not perform to their expectations.
“No one is perfect. We make mistakes but we should always sit down and discuss. The old man called Museveni has held this country and the bus together. It has never slipped off the road, so we should not lose here now. Even God created the world in 6days yet he had capacity to do so in just a moment,” Mukula said, adding that the NRM government’s major areas of focus is now to create jobs for the youth, empower people through projects like Emyooga, fight corruption and ensure equitable distribution of resources.

Tomorrow, Sunday, Mukula will take his campaigns to Amuriat and Obalanga in Teso subregion before entering Busoga sub region on Monday.

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