Mukula Combs Gweri County for Museveni Votes

    NRM Vice Chairperson for Eastern region Capt Mike Mukula has today, Saturday camped in Gweri County, Soroti District campaigning for President Yoweri Museveni and other flag bearers.

    Mukula held his first campaign meeting in Awaliwal Subcounty, where he was warmly ushered in by Gweri County NRM Flagbearer, Richard Elimu.
    After being touched by Mukula’s ‘NRM gospel’, over 30 opposition supporters converted to the NRM. They explained that their decision to Defect to NRM was uncoerced and that they have realised Elimu is the right person to work with.

    Mukula does paka chini with one of the voters in Awaliwal Subcounty

    Earlier in the morning, Elimu met with youth leaders of Gweri where they signed a memo that will seal the fate of Elimu a head of 14th January. They swore never to let Elimu down come 14th next Thursday.
    Opinion polls carried by our snoops indicate that, so far, NRM’s Richard Elimu is a head of Tom Julius Ekudo as Kenneth Esiangu trails on the third spot.
    Gweri and the rest of the Country will go to the polls on Thursday 14th January 2021 to elect the President and Members of Parliament.
    Elimu is poised to make history as the pioneer MP and first NRM candidate to break the opposition ever stronghold.

    People of Gweri warmly welcomed Capt Mike Mukula

    Gweri is also expected to vote highly for President Museveni.

    Mukula later flew to the neighboring Awoja where he was again welcomed by a throng of people. Mukula preached to the people to appreciate the peace and stability brought by the NRM government. He said that NRM will noe focus on poverty alleviation, fighting youth unemployment and ensure equitable distribution of resources.

    Mukula will tomorrow campaign in Ngora district.

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