Intelligence Briefing: Why the Mafia wants to ‘Kill’ Deputy Speaker Anita Among 

Deputy Speaker Annet Among Anita

The Mafia has risen again! And this time, the political gangsters are targeting the Deputy Speaker of Parliament Anita Annet Among following a blossoming career just 5 months at the helm.

The Mafia has started trading malicious, false, treacherous and unsubstantiated allegations claiming that the Deputy Speaker who is also Woman MP for Bukedea District, is being probed for corruption and shady dealings and that she has fallen out with the appointing authority, President Yoweri Museveni.

In Uganda today, it has become the order of the day that leaders who emerge to serve the interests of the wannaichi with utmost commitment and professionalism, are fought to death by mafias.

Anita Among has now become the latest victim of the mafiaism cliques in the country who are determined to taint her reputation and derail her commitment to fulfill her mandate as the country’s number 5 in the National Order of Precedence.

It should be remembered that during campaigns for Speaker and Deputy Speaker, the Mafia again attempted to blackmail Anita’s candidature before the NRM CEC. Some enemies of progress doctored a fake dossier when they presented to the President and NRM CEC, alleging that Anita Among was not the best candidate.

However, upon scrutiny, the NRM CEC dropped the fake dossier for lack of merit and evidence to substantiate allegations.

Anita Among who is a daring to MPs on both sides of the House, went ahead to shame the Mafia by overwhelmingly sweeping the election.

Anita Among trounced Kampala Central MP Muhammad Nsereko and Yusuf Nsibambi of Mawogola North to deputize Jacob Oulanyah.

Among garnered a whopping 415 votes against Nsereko and Nsibambi’s 24 and 35 respectively out of the 481 votes cast. Among’s popularity amongst the MPs is attributed to her exceptional character of leadership and result oriented leader.

Even after taking over office as Deputy Speaker, the ill-intentioned mafia continued trolling Anita claiming she cannot preside over business in the House.

Calm and composed, Anita Among proved her critics wrong! Through the mentorship of her senior, Speaker Jacob Oulanyah, Among has within a short time mastered the art of chairing the House with utmost professionalism to the surprise of her haters. Her ability to learn, listen, transform and adapt has within a few months turned her into a formidable pillar within Parliament and other arms of Government.

Even when the Speaker Oulanyah was on a one month long break abroad, Anita Among, who was a few weeks old in the House, did not shy away from the huge responsibility left behind, she took up the mantle and there was no single day that parliamentary business stalled even in the absence of the Speaker.

No wonder, on his return, Oulanyah showered the Deputy Speaker with praises for steering parliamentary business in his absence despite little orientation or mentorship. The two have since then worked harmoniously which was never the case during the errant era of the former Speaker Rebecca Kadaga. The Deputy Speaker is steadily returning the lost glory of Parliament; the public confidence that had eluded the institution of Parliament, is returning. She has concentrated on policies that shape and improve the welfare of the poor Ugandan.

All this explains why the mafia is now hunting her down.

Anita Among’s leadership is devoid of political sentiments, affiliations, segregation and discrimination. She stands for justice and comes with clean hands in doing so. It is not a surprise that she has won the hearts of even the most radical and conservative leaders in all spheres.

She has united the leadership of Parliament and has cordially worked with the Office of the Leader of Opposition. It is only in Oulanyah and Anita’s reign that the Leader of Opposition can represent the Speaker’s Office in a public function. Kadaga’s reign had created a permanent barrier between the ruling party and the opposition.

It is therefore clear that Anita Among’s blossoming career is a threat to the mafia and is now determined to bump her off the radar by propagating treacherous allegations against the reputable character of the Deputy Speaker.

Even before she was voted as Deputy Speaker, Anita Among has been outspoken on issues of corruption, improving foreign investment, service delivery through ensuring value for money. This was evident during her reign as Vice Chairperson of COSASE, an accountability parliamentary committee charged with the responsibility of scrutinizing government expenditures in MDAs.

She has created a cordial working relationship with investors and wooed them to invest in Uganda.

Most result-oriented Ugandans have however, vowed to support the current leadership of Parliament to steer socio-economic development.

David Kabanda, Kasambya County MP has encouraged Anita Among to ignore the haters and continue walking the talk.

“No weapon formed against you (Anita Among) shall prosper, we are aware of cliques targeting you. You have restored the image & integrity of Parliament of Uganda. Remember if you live on earth and you’re not talked about, that could mean you’re useless. They will deploy all machinery but God will fight your battles,” MP Kabanda tweeted.

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