Embrace Emyooga Fund to Fight Household Poverty, Bugisu People Urged

NRM Vice Chairperson for Eastern region Capt Mike Mukula has urged people of Bugisu Subregion to embrace Emyooga program to fight household poverty.

Mukula was on Thursday in Bududa for the second day campaigning for President Yoweri Museveni and NRM flag bearers.

He said that the NRM government has for the last 15years put a lot of emphasis on infrastructure development and it is now time to focus on poverty alleviation. He said that government has already wired Shs650m to each constituency for Emyooga and urged the people to utilize the funds to improve their incomes.

Mukula (C) with NRM Parliamentary flagbearers for Bududa

He warned district officials against corruption and mismanagement of Emyooga funds, saying the NRM gov’t is determined to arrest, prosecute and jail those who mismanage the said funds.

“This money should serve its intended purpose. It should not be given to those with big stomachs. It’s should be for those who are in need,” Mukula said.

He said that NRM government spent billions of shillings in bringing peace, security and stability in the country by defeating over 14 rebel groups since coming to power in 1986 and now that there is prevailing peace, it’s time to focus on fighting poverty.

“Now there is peace and stability, the money we were been spending in war is now going to fight poverty among people. In the next 5years, we are going to focus on job creation because there is no more war. We shall continue to fund such micro saving groups,” he said.

Mukula has so far held campaign tours in Teso, Sebei, Bugisu sub regions. He is now set to take his campaigns for President Museveni in Busoga subregion.

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