Busted! MP-elect Flees Kyankwanzi with Kadaga’s Shs 80m Campaign Cash

The newly elected MP for Kagoma County in Busoga, Brandon Kintu has fled from Kyankwanzi with Shs80m.

Our sources say the youthful MP- elect who has been a rabid supporter of Speaker Kadaga on social media, told authorities in Kyankwanzi that he had an emergency back home and needed to urgently attend to it.
He said his wife had been hospitalized at Nakasero Hospital in Kampala.
He was quickly cleared to leave the three week NRM MPs retreat taking place at the National Leadership Institute In Kyankwanzi.
However, when it was crosschecked later, Mr Kintu had no patient at Nakasero Hospital neither did he step there.
Upon further inquiry, it was established that Mr Kintu was comfortably staying at his home in the constituency with his wife in great health.

As Kintu enjoyed his family, Kadaga’s team in Kyankwanzi was thrown into panic.
They realized that Mr Kintu who was the cashier for the Kadaga’s clandestine team , had gone away with Shs80million that was meant to facilitate the team while in Kyankwanzi.
Our sources say Mr Kintu left Kyankwanzi soon after President Museveni met the eastern region MPs.
In the said meeting, sources say, one MP from Busoga rose up to apologise to Museveni over his loss in Busoga to Bobi Wine in the January elections.
The MP said the loss was because of sugarcane. But before the MP could proceed Museveni interrupted and told the MP to shut up.
“Did I tell you in Busoga to grow sugarcane? You have leaders in Busoga who love power while not doing much for the people and you blame Museveni. You are idiots, ” a furious Museveni interjected.
“If you don’t want to vote me other people will vote me, “ he added.

The President went on to thank MP- elects from other parts of eastern region without thanking Busoga.
Our sources say this sent Busoga MPs murmuring after the meeting with some suggesting that they decampaign the President while others said it was now tricky route to take.
“The man has called us idiots. It seems the man is not with Kadaga and he is serious. Shall we all accept to collapse with Kadaga?” a new MP said in a WhatsApp message to us.
“I am just starting with my career, Kadaga has been there and I can’t die for her. Busoga still needs to work with government not Kadaga,” he added.
The MP claimed on a secret ballot, half of Busoga MPs will vote against Kadaga.

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