AUDIO: NRM MPs Vow to Eat Kadaga’s Money but Vote Oulanyah

NRM MPs have vowed to eat Rebecca Kadaga’s money, but vote for Jacob Oulanyah as Speaker of the 11th Parliament.

In a leaked audio, one MP whose name we shall not reveal during one of the campaign meetings, said that they are sharpening their teeth to chew Kadaga’s money but vote for Oulanyah on Monday.

“For the 11th Parliament, we need a competent person [as Speaker]. And that person is Jacob Oulanyah. Let’s eat the money [from Kadaga] and vote for Oulanyah,” a top NRM MP said amidst applause from several NRM MPs who attended the meeting.

Apparently, Kadaga yesterday picked over Shs7billion stucked in her house to try to convince members to vote her.
The money has been handed to the likes of Elijah Okupa, Maurice Kibalya, Mariam Naigaga, Paul Akamba and Brandon Kintu.

Kadaga’s camp is feeling the pressure as NRM MPs continue to desert her camp with clear signs that President Museveni and the NRM CEC is backing Oulanyah for Speakership.

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