ANALYSIS: Why NRM CEC is likely to Reject Kadaga’s Speakership Bid

The NRM Central Executive Committee (CEC) is likely to reject Rebecca Kadaga’s speakership bid when it sits today, 22nd May, 2021.

The two lawyers; Kadaga and Jacob Oulanyah will come face to face in the most contested speakership race after NRM CEC decided that they will vet all candidates for the positions of speaker and deputy speaker.

It is likely that CEC will clear Oulanyah at the expense of Kadaga who has often times undermined the party organ as “useless” in determining business of Parliament.

While chairing the House on March 10th, Kadaga’s emotional intelligence was put to test when she blasted NRM CEC saying the party organ which endorsed her for two terms as Speaker is useless and cannot dictate matters of Parliament.

When reminded by outgoing Government Chief Whip Ruth Nankabirwa about the 2016 ‘unwritten rule’, Kadaga shamelessly rubbished the claims saying, “Do you want us now to bring the CEC members to confirm or deny what you are saying?”

During that particular sitting, Kadaga even ruled Nankabirwa out of order saying that she [Nankabirwa] does not speak for the CEC nor is she the spokesperson of the CEC.

“I do not think the CEC has a right to bind a future Parliament before its members are even elected. That is totally undemocratic. Stop talking about CEC here. We are talking about issues of the House. Secondly, the CEC last sat in the primaries. That is the last time it sat. Do not bring issues of CEC here,” Kadaga.

Now, it is time for Kadaga to face the same CEC she undermined.

It is also likely that Kadaga will defy CEC to contest as Independent despite being a member of CEC. However, it will be too little too late for her to mobilize against the full throttle of the NRM Party who will be determined to back their candidate at the caucus meeting scheduled for Sunday ahead of the Monday elections.

One of the credentials that CEC will consider while vetting the two NRM contenders; Oulanyah and Kadaga is their ability to interpret the law.

This is an area which Oulanyah is likely to score a destination. The man from Omoro is a distinguished lawyer who has got a deeper understanding of the law. He has got the entire law in the palms of his hands.

You may recall that in 2016 while giving an interview with NTV, Oulanyah boasted how he is a master of “splitting the law.”

“A lot of people will miss me [if I am not a speaker]. Just know when I sit at the Committee stage and then we are splitting the law, the House [Parliament] appreciates my understanding of these matters. They appreciate it,” Oulanyah said in 2016.
It is worth noting that most of the controversial and complex bills that require legal interpretations and statistical understandings have been presided over and passed by Oulanyah. A case in point is the Public Order Management Bill which was passed in 2013 and several Appropriation Bills.

According to sources, Oulanyah’s legal masterclass has enabled him shield Kadaga’s weaknesses in “splitting the law” to the extent that whenever the Parliamentary commission sits or goes to the president, it’s Oulanyah who interprets and guides on the repercussions and way forward for any proposed policies or laws.
Oulanyah has therefore established himself as a formidable and indispensable legal expert in the country. Apparently, he is one of the most sought constitutional drafters in Africa.

The other exceptional attribute that Oulanyah has which makes him tick against Kadaga is possession of emotional intelligence devoid of vindictiveness, illogicality and blackmail. Kadaga will hold a grudge even with her own shadow; she will fire a staff at any given time for a single rumour without a fair ‘trial’ or attempt to verify the rumour.

In March this year, Kadaga sacked two of her aides for allegedly having links with First lady Janet Museveni and top members of the NRM Central Executive Committee (CEC).

Andrew Waiswa, a personal assistant and Derrick Lubaale, an office assistant of embattled Speaker Kadaga lost their jobs in parliament for a mere rumour.
They are the latest victims in parliament, falling over rumors that the Speaker receives and uses in the discharge of her public authority.

Another recent victim is James Musobo, a senior personal assistant, who was relocated to the department of administration as an administrative assistant following a plea from his sister who works in the office of the president and acts as her Kadaga’s listening post.

The situation is worse for MPs’ they equally live in fear just like the parliament staff. Any links that an MP is associated with Oulanyah would cost them a foreign trip from Kadaga who has now taken over the roles of the Clerk to Parliament to allocate foreign trips to her ‘yesmen.’
There is no doubt that the 10th Parliament would have been a very successful parliament if only Kadaga had worked closely with her deputy, Oulanyah who is an open-minded fellow; not vindictive and doesn’t hold grudges for any reason whatsoever.

It is also evident that if Oulanyah and Kadaga were good allies, then 60% of the MPs in the 10th Parliament could not have lost their parliamentary seats in the January general poll. Kadaga isolated and divided MPs and even fought them during campaigns including her own MPs in Busoga. The likes of Isaac Musumba, Moses Kizige and many others are living testimonies.

Apparently, pressure has been piling on Kadaga having fallen out with all structures in the NRM top organs and has been apparently advocating for the status quo. The man from Omoro is however not relenting this time around following the mistreatment from Kadaga who sidelined him from chairing parliament for over a year.

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