How to Dazzle in off -Shoulder Trendy Tops

Showing a little shoulder is huge, whether it is with one sleeve or a cold shoulder. But the off the shoulder top trend is the biggest of them all. When of the shoulder tops first hit the fashion clothing lines, fashion lovers thought that this was yet another craze that will fizzle out soon. Surprisingly and thankfully, that did not happen, in fact it has over stayed way longer than predicted. It has taken over every other kind of outfit out there.

Off shoulders are effortlessly stylish, except they can get really annoying and uncomfortable if they are not worn the right way. You might feel this discomfort particularly with tops that come with elastic. Here’s a workaround that helps you keep that off shoulder in place.

Get your bra right

If you’ve got boobs chances are they need some support which means a strapless bra is kinda essential when wearing ‘off the shoulder’.  Finding a perfectly fitting strapless bra will give you the chic comfort in the off shoulder outfit. Note that only pulling off straps from your usual bra may not help much because bras get looser when straps are pulled off. So it is greatly important that you get yourself a strictly strapless one for this purpose.

Best show

If you’re getting your shoulders out then spend some time ensuring they look fabulous. Exfoliate and moisturise your shoulders and don’t forget the sunscreen. For a sun kissed look use a little fake tan, moisturiser with olive oil. Be careful if wearing white though because with too much oil, it gets dirty easily.

Fit matters

“I recently ordered an ‘off the shoulder’ top that was a firmer fit in the shoulders, I actually thought this would be great as it wouldn’t pop up. Wrong! Turns out it popped up quicker. Then I received a few tops and dresses in the next size up (same brand) and the shoulder was looser, turns out looser was actually better as half the job was already being done” says Jackie a boutique owner in Ntinda. For the petite ladies, the tighter the better. And the plus size girls look best when the top is looser for they will not look like they are being squeezed in their own bodies.

Perfect necklace

A cold shoulder can be challenging to accessorize due to so much bare skin but a chocker achieves a fashion forward look that doesn’t feel fussy over bearing. The off shoulder –chocker combination looks super classy and cool. Shoulder ae having a moment and so an edgy chocker compliments them perfectly. With so many chocker options out there, the world is literal a necklace play ground.


The good news is that the off shoulder tops can be won on anything, from pencil skirts, jeans and shorts.

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