VIDEO: Singer Angella Katatumba Beaten at Chicken Tonight

Singer Beaten, Thrown Out like Thief

A swollen Angella Katatumba after the scuffle

In Uganda it’s quite unheard of for celebrities to be roughed up in public, save for the extreme incidents like Mowzey Radio’s scuffle.

Recently, singer Angella Katatumba and Jamaican singer Kuzi Kz were beaten to near pulp in Muyenga, reportedly by the restaurant manager of Chicken Tonight.

Telesqop understands that the scuffle ensued when two decided to have a meal at the restaurant only for Kuzi’s plate to be messed up with too much Chili.

Concerned Kuzi reportedly wanted the issue resolved amicably, only for the waiters to ignore him like a torn bank note.

In retaliation, we have been told, Angella attempted to question management on why her friend, and a foreigner, would be treated that way.

“The manager didn’t want to listen either, he walked towards them and did not give either of them a chance to explain their issue. He instead simply told them to get out,” sources say.

After a heated argument, as also seen in the video, Kuzi was pushed out by a staff member at the restaurant, something that pissed off Katatumba.

In the video, she is seen trying to fight back, but she, just like her friend, was thrown out in milliseconds.

According to reliable sources, Angella was forced to forget her bag behind which she got back with UGX 6.2 Million Missing.

We’re not sure if the singer has filed charges yet.

A bruised Angella after the fight

See the scuffle here:

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