Ugandan Socialite Fifie Gal source of riches unearthed

Fifie Gal real name Fiona Arinaitwe
Socialite Fifie Gal real name Fiona Arinaitwe

Early this year, a new self-styled loaded socialite named Fifie Gal real name Fiona Arinaitwe emerged on the social scene hoping to conquer just like Bad Black did about six years back before she was jailed. Fifie Gal arrived on the scene partying and splashing money in bars like she owns a money minting machine back home. However, no one knew her source of income much as she claimed to her a fashionista and even opened up a boutique in Kabalagala as proof.

In an attempt to keep her source of income a secret, the bummy babe maintained a limited circles of friends more so females considering the fact that nature dictates that they are hot-wired to gossip. However, Telesqop has unearthed some of Fifie Gal’s shocking sex secrets and source of money. According to a source, the socialite sold her virginity to an American zungu for millions of dollars, though the actual amount is yet to be revealed.

Jim Benford

The white dude who opened Fifie Gal’s fountain of blessedness for the first time has since been identified as Jim Benford. Not much is known about the zungu dude but reports suggest that he could be a Senator in the United States of America (USA). The two are said to have met in 2014 when she was still in her senior six vacation aged 21.

After the transaction in 2015 when she was at campus, the two got closer and somehow fell in love and even have a child together now. It could be the reason she is always in between Kampala and USA as she jets there to be with her kid and also spend quality time with her zungu lover. Because Benford can’t seem to get enough of Fifie Gal’s cookie business, it is said that he gives her lots of cash for upkeep and because of that she is determined to make a name on the social scene. We are told she has since befriended Sheila Patience alias Don Zella to help organize her (Fifie Gal) annual parties.

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