Socialite Don Nasser Brags of ‘Owning’ Ugandan Police as Fraud Charges Heat Up

Don Nasser with his girl Mastuula Mutaasa
Don Nasser with his girl Mastuula Mutaasa

Don Nasser born Isaac Nduhukire Nasser , a Ugandan socialite is bragging about owning and controlling Ugandan police as more fraud charges continue to suffice.

A very close source recently told media how she overheard Nasser in a popular bar intimating how he has all the police “in his pockets.”

A source told media that “he was bragging that he is untouchable and protected by the “big boys “ .

” He has them on his pay role and has bought some officers cars and houses,” a source added.

This follows series of videos of an American man Johnny Hill claiming he was defrauded by Nasser as well.

Johnny becomes the third victim to come out.

In his ordeal, Hill says he sealed a deal with Nasser that required him to supply 75kg of raw gold at $1.5m (approximately UGX 5.5Billion)

Johnny Hill, according to popular Swedish based blogger Kakensa Ndugwa, is Mastuula Mutaasa’s other lover.

Mastula however denies the connection.

This revelation follows a saga where a Dubai businesswoman cried foul after losing over $5.5M (nearly 18.8 Billion Uganda Shillings) in a similar scam.

Another Ugandan lady (names withheld) also lost USD 360,000 (nearly 1.3 Billion Uganda Shillings).

FBI and Interpol are reportedly pursuing the case.

Check out Johnny’s videos pinning ‘conman’ Nasser



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