Radio City’s Deedan Set To Join Sanyu Fm

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Telesnoops have established that Radio City’s star female presenter Deedan Muyira of the  drive show is set to cross over to Sanyu Fm in a big money move.

Having served the Bugolobi based radio station for close to 7 years, Deedan has already started clearing up her desk and saying her goodbyes to her colleagues as she prepares for this transition.

It ought to be remembered that close to two months ago, Sanyu FM’s

top management  had a run in with many of it’s former star presenters such as FatBoy a.k.a James Onen, David Ogutti and  Josephine Katabarwa among others over salary deductions resulting to their exit from the station.

Since then there has been lots of instability at the station as many novices have been called up to take on positions of the former presenters a move that has been greatly criticized by many of the loyal listeners of the station.

However, with the acquisition of Deedan and the Hot Mic challenge which is being used to recruit raw talent, it seems that the station will sooner than later ride out the rough tides that it has been going through.

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