MEDDIE SSENTONGO EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: I am Searching for a Wife. I No Longer Live by the Public’s Expectations

Meddie Ssentongo
Meddie Ssentongo

He needs no introduction on the social scene considering the fact that he has been around for quite some time; seen it all (Luzira) and done it all. Meddie Ssentongo recently returned into the country having been away for close to a year residing in South Africa. While there, he was reported to have hooked and dated a close family member of President Jacob Zuma only identified as Christine. Whereas he was believed to be on a business trip, some people claimed he had relocated to South Africa for good. A month after resettling in Kampala, Meddie, the CEO of Electrolaxx General Merchandise and Construction Company, was rumored to be financially struggling. This could have been due to the fact that he is rare on the scene and seems to be living life on a low key. Telesqop’s Rowland Bon Gaucho caught up with the swaggeriffic Meddie for a brief one on one regarding his love life, life after jail, broke rumours and future plans among other issues.

Telesqop: Welcome back from South Africa, What exactly where you up to down there?

Meddie:  Thank you my brother. I had gone to South Africa to start a few business ventures and expand my business empire in Africa.

Telesqop: You were gone for so long that people thought you had fled the ‘Banana Republic’ relocated to South Africa…

Meddie: No way, I can’t flee my country Uganda. God made this world so big so everybody has freedom to travel anywhere. I always travel but Uganda is my home and it’s where I do most of my things. At the moment I am home but I will always travel when the need arises.

Telesqop: It was reported that you are close to President Zuma’s daughter only identified as Christine. How true is this?

Meddie: Hahahah. Well, we were close and still are because we are business partners. We are in steady progress. That is all I can say about that issue.

Telesqop: Talking of business partners, what kind of business are you two dealing in?

Meddie: No, I will not mention that because it’s not wise to do so. But just know we are doing well.

Meddie with Christine in South africa last year

Telesqop: We were told that you would be coming back with her because she is your girlfriend. What happened?

Meddie: No, there is no romance involved. Of course many assume there is romance when a man has a female business partner. But that is not the case with us and I have come to learn that business and pleasure do not mix very well.

Telesqop: Now that you are back, what have you been up to?

Meddie: As always, I am still pushing by businesses further but on a low key. I no longer have to expose all my business dealings. I just thank God for blessing me.

Telesqop: A few weeks back, it was reported that you are broke and that is why you no longer attend city parties like you did before. What do you have to say about that?

Meddie: Hahaha. Most times when people change behaviours, people always want to see one colour. When you change, even the words change! But those rumours no longer bother me because I am doing me and moving forward. I no longer go by people’s expectations. In life, we have rules that govern us. Success and wealth also have rules. Once you learn these rules you can’t remain the same; you must change. And that is what I have done. I am governed by these rules and I operate on my own pace and terms. One must be sharp to understand these rules.


Telesqop: Away from business, since you parted ways with Fabiola you have been seen with a number of babes. Any special lady in your life at the moment?

Meddie: I am actually planning to settle down and walk down the aisle. Truth is that there is no man who becomes successful without a woman. Even the Bible and Quran say it.

Telesqop: We are anxious to know who that special lady in your life is…

Meddie: Honestly, personally I haven’t found her yet but I am searching for that special lady. The lucky one will certainly fall into my arms.

Telesqop: What qualities are you looking for in that special lady that you are looking forward to settling down with?

Meddie: She must be understanding; it’s key. She needs to understand me like I will be understanding her too. Also having a connection is very important.

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