Interview: Singer Ainebintu Talks Music, Love for Nudity and More

Singer Ainebintu
Singer Ainebintu

The name Ainebintu is slowly, but steadily eating into the Ugandan entertainment industry.

Real name Laura Karungi, Ainebintu is a singer, songwriter, composer and Human rights student at Makerere University.

The thick, bold diva takes pride in her passion and art that have seen her become a household budding name in the industry.

Having found passion for music as early as Primary school, Ainebintu hopes to make Uganda proud using her talent.

Telesqop’s Solomon Businge had a one-on-one interview with the singer on her life, music, aspirations and many more as presented in these excerpts.

Briefly, How would you describe Ainebintu?

I am an artist first of All, I love music, I love singing.

I am also a human rights activist. I love going deep in villages to help little children.

I am also a boudoir model. I do semi nude photography just for fun because I am so confident and I think everybody should love what I see, what I love.

I am 22. I am a Munyankore from the west.

I went to Gayaza high school  Kampala parents too.

I love singing, I took music classes but dropped out of piano lessons in grade 5.

Ainebintu showing off her thick backside
Ainebintu showing off her thick backside

Why the name Ainebintu?

It just means “I am blessed.” In Runyankole Aine means  “I have” and Bintu means “Things” but bintu is a broad thing. Baganda can relate to that, so can Basoga and people from Arua.

It shows authenticity of a Ugandan girl and I am willing to take Uganda to the international scene.

I love partying, I have hosted girls in the city night before and some nights at Valhalla. *Naselow and DJ Ciza shout out*

How has your music journey been so far?

Tight, But very, very fun. I’m doing stuff I only dreamt of and that motivates me to keep pushing.

Its only tight financially but God provides.

Speaking of your boudoir hobby, do you have any plans of taking it commercial?

Haha yeah I wanna model for Sylvia, Lauma lingerie As a plus size.

But the hustle is crazy.  I’m more into music though It’s something I do for fun but hope for the best.

She is extra confident in her skin
She is extra confident in her skin

Do you get bothered if your fans sexualize your personality and music? When they look at you in sexual angles?


Have you ever had any incident when a fan gets extremely touchy during one of your performances?

That’s the negative side but you just deal with it . I have a different mentality. I am focused on bigger things than worrying about my fans touching me.

Only that I ask for respect so I can keep delivering.

Would anyone be right if they assumed it’s okay to touch you, if they keep it respectful?

No. They should ask first.

About your fashion, You are always dripping, whether on the socials or events, Who styles you?

I do style myself. I Just have a good eye for clothing But I get my clothes from hindusclothes and shoes from foot candy.

Singer Ainebintu aka Laura Karungi
Singer Ainebintu aka Laura Karungi

You have about two tracks that I know, but they don’t seem to have videos, when are you planning on shooting?

Finances are still a struggle because I wanna do something nice I have some video I’m working on but later. 2019 hopefully.

Do you hope to reflect your raunchy style in videos as well? or it’ll stop at pictures!

Haha let’s wait and see.

What’s the biggest sacrifice you’ve made for your career so far?

Well my relationship with my parents to follow this path.

I strongly believe in it even though its considered a failure for many…

They feel heavily disrespected and it breaks my heart everyday but it sucks to say I love music just as much. So we aren’t doing so well but the love is still there.

How supportive are the other members, siblings and others?

Haha in their eyes there’s a better way I can do all this… church and  simple love songs but I have a different vision.

So the support is practically non-existent although they support me with my human rights stuff.

Like when I have charities  and projects upcountry they are helpful..they also got me a job with a big NGO firm but I love the entertainment. I’m grateful for the love though.

Singer Ainebintu rocking a confident pose recently
Singer Ainebintu rocking a confident pose recently

What else do you hope to venture in, as you build your career and brand?

Uhm do more charity…help girls… Rape victims things like that… I also want to do it big in entertainment….not only just music But everything else I can do.

How has fame and limelight changed your lifestyle so far?

Uhm its Fun. Made me more confident.

What’s the boldest fashion pick you’ve ever made for a public outing?

I make a lot of picks. But just short shorts. My thighs are so big with lots of cellulite but I love short shorts and how they make me feel.

Would you consider a commercial deal that requires you to go full nude?

Nope. I’m semi nude. Full nude won’t work for me.

What’s in store for 2019? Musically?

I have four songs I have already recorded for the year. I want to release one by one and not in album mode. Some of them will for sure come with videos.

Ainebintu is a fan of boudoir shots
Ainebintu is a fan of boudoir shots

Have you worked with any other artists on those four tracks?

No but I have done work with some famous producers. So trust them to be fire.

Possible to share the names?

Let me say one. Andy music.

The rest shall be a surprise.

Any plans of hosting a listener’s party or any social event for your supporters come 2019?

All that will happen.

Who wrote the music that’s in store?

I write my own music, Always.

What pushes you? What keeps the lyrics flowing?

I started music quite earlier, so I know how to write, how to compose and sing. I just don’t know how to produce but I’ll study that later in life.

I get motivated by the different situations that I go through. The different life lessons, love partying…..

and the love for the fans. The few that I have are really so supportive.

Have you ever hit a snag and felt like giving up on your dreams?

Yes. Every day. But I also have constant sources of motivation And I feel like I’ve come too far to give up.

How do you motivate yourself daily?

First of all by looking at my parents and family. I really want to make it, make it big.

They are the reason sometimes I feel like giving up, but they are the same reasons that I want to keep pushing.

Then I’ve always dreamt about this. I’ve put a lot of time. I started from way back in high school and primary.

I’ve always wanted to be a star. If you ask any of my school friends, they’ll tell you I always wanted to do music.

And the fact that I am good at it and I believe in myself. It helps me when I have these doubts, however much the industry is messed up.

Ainebintu on her latest song cover
Ainebintu on her latest song cover

Are you dating?

No. I haven’t met a rich nice man yet.

What do you call a full package in a man? Feel free to think about it in bedroom matters.

Haha well sex for me comes with feelings…I have to like him… Doesn’t matter if he is short fat tall skinny light long as he isn’t poor dirty rude …and I have feelings for him, all is good.

What’s the freakiest thing you’ve ever done for someone you had feelings for?

Hahahahaha. Uhm public sex.

Ooh really? How public was it? Any people that were watching?

Haha askaris Who were protecting us.

Where was that? Parking lot?

Haha nope. Parking lot isn’t freaky. Everybody has sex in the parking lot.

Uh-huh. Where was that 😝

Well there’s two places. The back of a van on a road trip and at a concert.

What’s your ideology on multiple relationships?

I do human rights. So i feel like if someone wants to they should. As long as u ready to fave the repercussions.

What are some of your [sexual ] fantasies you hope to fulfill in the next few months?

Haha I actually just want to date. Nothing much.

What’s your biggest highlight musically, so far in your career?

Uhm I curtain raised for Fik Fameika at the Bantu vibes clan meeting.

Thank You very Much for your time.


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