INTERVIEW: Esom Music School Boss Daniel Kiyega on New Music Band and More

Popular institution, Esom Music School has created a band which within just a few days since its inception is causing a stir. We talked to Daniel Kiyega, the director about the quick success and how he plans to keep grow

Qn:  How did the idea of the band come up?

It started as a student’s band but along the way we started to be called for performances on weddings to perform. The first questions our clients used to ask us were “what’s the name of your band?” how much do you charge? And so on. We later carried out auditions to attract artists well talented and with wide experience in the field of music performance arts. The band is now composed of real performers with awesome skills and potential to take on all platforms of live performances for all kinds of audiences.


Qn: What is different about it?


Our band is a team of both singers and musicians with long time developed stage art, creative and innovative minds. The kind of music genres we perform are very popular ranging from co temporal African fusion music to the latest world music styles; Afro jazz, soul, inspiration and Ugandan co temporal oldies – all done live.


Qn: Most bands die out within a year or two, how do you plan to keep it alive?


We believe in Effective communication, transparence, integrity and good time management.  We have already set a standard of better quality music service of which we believe and have proved that it will work for the band since we are already a team of highly skilled artists who love good work.


Qn: Where will the band be performing regularly? 


Discussions are underway with several popular hangouts on getting a regular performance venue and very soon, we’ll be letting our fans know where to catch us live




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