INTERVIEW: Budding Fashion Designer Akello Sarah on Fashion, Sex and Lifestyle

By now, Ardent Telesqop readers, and frequent users of social media have seen a thing or two about budding Fashion designer Akello Sarah.

Running under the alias KellSrah, Akello is a devoted, passionate designer who punctuates fashion with sexiness.

Her instagram, if you have noticed, delivers two messages; She’s fashionably upright, and knows what fits her body.

With a Tom Boyish look, Akello is one girl you need may need to follow religiously.

She talked to our Snoop about Love, Sex, Fashion and Lifestyle.

Below are the excerpts.

What’s the side of Akello Sarah that most people don’t know?

I would rather wear boyish attires and shoes year in and year out than dresses, though my body is nice but dresses are a little so uncomfortable for me.

What drives your passion for Fashion and design?

I was in P.4 when I GOT a dream of tailoring my own designs. My mum had a sewing machine in the house but she could not even use it, I used to cut my clothes with razor blades and sew them using hand needles.

Growing up I never lost the mindset of making my own clothes, as many young kids dreamt of being lawyers, doctors, me I dreamt of owning all trending clothes or better still, sewing them myself and here I’m on the baby steps.

What do you love about your style? Especially the Tom boyish look?

Most of times it’s so easy for me to be in a squad of boys and I feel am with my day ones. Boys have less drama and hanging with them, you always have fun to the fullest

Has anyone ever questioned your sexual orientation, basing on your style and company?

Yes sure a lot of people do, actually sometimes some people think am a boy until I speak with a female voice.

I never spend a month without being hit on by a lesbian, they always think am one of them.

And what’s the truth anyway, you do girls or boys?

I would never really mind doing girls but that’s not what God created me for. He made Adam and Eve not Eve and Eve.

What would you do if you were not afraid?

I would smoke weed and take pills just to see how it works and the heights it comes with it.

Do you think you’re addicted to smoking?

The fact that I never really drink alcohol, I smoke to get a few heights, but I can do without smoking though  I get bored easily.

How would you describe your first experience with weed?

Surprisingly I only do Shisha only. I have never  tasted weed.

Do you do cigarettes?

Noooo. I only smoke Shisha.

What do you love most about your body?

My waist and boobs 😜

Why these two in particular?

My boobs; I never have the stress that comes with bras, and my waist flatters my body too well.

What’s your craziest fantasy? Sexual or otherwise!

Making love on a private Yatch 😜😜😜

So, fashion and design, do you make pieces on order or when you’re free?

I make pieces on order. O only do stuff for myself when am free coz the only way I learnt to brand myself is letting people see how to dress in a particular outfit,  then they can take it on.

What do you think is the biggest challenge you’ve had in your time as a designer

People always think am proud ad rude but growing up I was told how to keep time if I tell a client am meeting u at this time , I can only wait for 30mins. Past that I leave cause I at times have a lot on my table.

If a brand approached you for a gig, that involves shooting an advert in a bikini, or something more wild. Would you consider it?

I don’t really mind as long as my private parts are covered and by private parts  I mean my breasts and my hips areas. Am a kind who doesn’t really care what people  think of me long as i’m happy, I will show my body.

What’s the greatest fear you have in life?

Getting pregnant ad being a single mother. I will only ad only get pregnant for someone when I see its worth

What’s that one thing you’d never let a guy do to you while making love?

My butt, my butt; let no one try to even think of doing anything with it, I mean I can never go for an*l sex, never.

Where would you like to be in the next 5 years or so?

All I want for myself is happiness, so yeah that’s it.

I won’t say I want to be the best fashion designer cause each day and night new ones emerge and they are good.

How can anyone reach you, for business or otherwise?

Akello kellsrah Sarah on facebook

Callmekellsrah on Instagram

@Acholimuding on snapchat.


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