INTERVIEW: Bobi Wine’s official Photographer Tabz on Career, Bobi’s Unknown Life and More

When we talk about taking photos, it is not just conversation; it is not mere talking of holding a camera and taking shots.  Andrew Natumanya, commonly known as Tabz is Honourable Robert Kyagulanyi’s (Bobi Wine) official photographer, he is known for his brand and hash tag; TabzkuCamera.  He sat down with Justine Namara to explain a hard talk of working with an active opposition politician , going against odds to exercise his passion and more.

Below are scoops;

Who is Andrew Natumanya?

I am just a young person who is passionate and highly determined about what I do and I never quit until   I get what I want.  I have been to school and I managed to study what can take me to where I need to be

When did you start photography?

I can really say it was on a particular date. It was also at campus in third year and it was during the Makerere guild campaigns that I took photos and people liked them. I also think I got it from my dad, he used to take photos and I guess I naturally I have an eye for detail.

How did you end up with Hon.  Kyagulanyi?

He has been my friend for some time and I liked his music way since. I am personally a go getter and I looked up to him, surprisingly I went straight and told him I liked his music.

We have not basically been connected by photography alone. When his campaigns started, while forming a campaign team and someone suggested my name, everyone had to suggest what they would contribute; I did not have money to contribute apart from taking pictures of him. By then I wasn’t his official photographer but when the election was done, he called me up and said we could still work together and that’s how we started this road.

What challenges have you faced?

I have a big challenge of restriction. Sometimes i cannot access him, i am prevented from getting to him, yet my job is to keep cameras on him.  When he is running i am running.   More so him being opposition, we don’t get any good time from police. Personally when my gadgets were confiscated it is like my work had been put to a halt because it is from this that i earn a living.

What have you so far learnt from this experience?

Bobi Wine is a mentor to many, so I am privileged that I get this directly from him.  I am at the source of inspiration. It is a very great experience that I have. He is one person who grew from nothing to something, so I honestly look up to him.

Do you have any regrets?

Absolutely not. I have worked for government in the same field of photography and digital marketing, and have tested both sides of the coin I can now proudly say I am happy to be working this side. What I studied (law) is totally different from what I am doing now so really I don’t regret making this choice.

Back to photography, do you have a particular theme that inspires you or a particular story?

Every picture has a story behind it. I am an all round person, I take all sorts of photos. Fortunately the political bit of it is politics and it is what I am concentrated on.

Photography is still young in Uganda, do you find it challenging?

It is yes a challenge. May be some of the first photographers were so negative but personally i choose to take the positive path and may be an inspiring part.

Do you market your photos?

Not at all, it is the quality of the photos that does it all. Those that get to see them always want more

What do you advice the young especially unemployed people in these streets?

All I can say is they should stop despising jobs. Do it and put your mind to it. There is no any other person who will do what you are supposed to do; it is you and no one else, so do it.

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