How Ugandan Socialite Don Nasser Robbed Dubai Tycoons

Don Nasser with his girlfriend
Don Nasser with his girlfriend

Don Nasser Isaac is a name that has lately been sounding on the Ugandan social scene.

The flashy socialite rose to fame with his spending antics and his relationship Mutaasa Kafeero’s daughter.

In what seemed like a fancy empire for Nasser, lived the biggest threat to his existence in life.

Chilling reports from Dubai indicate that the socialite recently fleeced a loaded Dubai landlady of over $5M, approximately  UGX18.8 Billion.

In a voice note to the media, Nasser’s girlfriend Maggie Nalongo (AK47‘s widow) narrated how the deal was seamlessly executed despite the red flags she tried to raise.

“I met this lady on my visit to Nasser’s apartment in Dubai,” Maggie narrates.

“She liked my hair and asked if she could touch. I told her it’s okay,” she adds.

According to Maggie, the lady later informed her how she owned the building just opposite Nasser’s apartment.

Cutting to the chase, Maggie later introduced Nasser to this lady and the rest is bad history.

“He [Nasser] kept in touch with this lady and lied that he has gold in Uganda,” Maggie further explains.

“I tried warning the lady but she didn’t pay attention.”

Apparently, Nasser successfully stole $5M after staging offices in Uganda while claiming that he is Nasser Ntenge Ssebagala‘s son.

In an exclusive encounter with a highly placed source, Telesqop has established that the socialite actually stole from other Ugandan businessmen too.

Listen to Maggie’s chilling narration here:




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