How Bebe Cool Survived a Nasty Accident that claimed Dizzy Nuts’ Life


On Monday morning, Uganda was hit by saddening news that deep-voiced singer Dizzy Nuts has passed on.

The “Fire burn dem” co-hit maker was involved in an accident in kireka, a Kampala suburb

Speaking to Telesqop, a highly placed Gagamel source narrated the nasty incident that nearly claimed Bebe Cool’s life.

“Bebe was just done performing at Victoria pub in Kireka, and we were heading back to kampala,” he narrated.

“A speeding vehicle, coming from Jinja side, out of nowhere, crashed into Bebe’s crew and killed Dizzy Nuts.”

Telesqop further understands that the accident also involved “another unidentified guy” who was close to Bebe Cool’s vehicle.

“Bebe is fine, his car just got a little scratch,” a highly placed source narrated.

Dizzy Nuts Galiwango, on the other hand, did not live to see the next day.



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