Fact file: What you need to know about Dj Xzyl

Dj Xzyl on Saturday 7th walked away with an award as Best female deejay in the UG Maestro awards beating five other female participants.

  1. Dj Xzyl is her stage name pronounced as Exile
  2. Her real names are Nyakaisiki Franchesca
  3. Besides being a Dj, she is a radio presenter at 88.2 Sanyu FM
  4. She holds a diploma in aviation and a degree in business administration
  5. Besides being a DJ, Dj Xzyl can sing, dance and plays a guitar
  6. She is also fluent in German
  7. She was encouraged to be a DJ by her then boyfriend
  8. She likes to deejay barefooted
  9. Her greatest weakness is smiling
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