City Comedian Collins Emeka Opens Up About Traumatizing Childhood

Collins Emeka Bareija

If you have bumped into city comedian ‘Emeka’ real names Collins Bareija on the streets of Kampala or happened to grace a comedy show where he is performing on stage, it is hard to tell the pain that this youthful joker faced right from childhood.

Emeka stared death, hatred and agony in it’s face right from the moment he was born. His mother gave birth to him when she was only 15 years of age and wasted no time in dumping him at his aunt’s place as soon as he was out of her womb because she wanted nothing to do with him and on several occasions had contemplated terminating the pregnancy.

Growing up, Emeka vividly recalls the harsh utterances towards him from certain family members. It was more than clear that he was unwanted and had no place in their lives. He also only got to know the true identity of his mum when he was in senior two. This whole time he had believed that his aunt was his mum.

Turning Point

After having slowly and steadily made his way to the top of Uganda’s comedy industry through endless hustle, Emeka revealed that most of his family members started looking for him when he appeared on CNN. Today Emeka has traveled across the African continent performing with several big name comedians. He is also a radio presenter at one of Kampala’s radio station and also events emcee.

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