Cindy Flashes Tempting Boobs in New Song with Vyper Ranking

Cindy Sanyu flashing boobs in new video
Cindy Sanyu flashing boobs in new video

Musician Cindy Sanyu is always determined to make the most out of her amazing body and her latest collaboration with dancehall ace Vyper Ranking is proof of that.

In the video of the track –titled Tebimala—Cindy made it a point to show off her amazing cleavage and a lot more sexy stuff.

Dressed in a sinfully tempting jumpsuit, Cindy didn’t care how many hard-ons she was creating. She remained focused on set.

As much as her upper body stole the show, Cindy merged with Vyper Ranking to create what so far stands out as one of 2019’s best tracks.

In the song, the two singers also got touchy-feely as they spat hard-hitting lyrics.

It is already making rounds on major Airwaves awaiting further take-over.

Watch the song here to see Cindy’s super sexy looks.


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