Bryan White Spends Shs. 1 Billion on New Monster Ride…See Photos Here

This joins a fleet of his other posh cars.

Bryan White checking out his new car

City tycoon and philanthropist Bryan Kirumira better known as Bryan White has imported a monster new Mercedes Benz AMG Bi-turbo V8 , we can reliably report.

We have it on good record that the tycoon spent over $300,000 (approximately Shs. 1Billion) on the ride.

Registered under the G-class series, his new ride is one of the most reliable and highly acclaimed vehicles globally.

This joins a fleet of his other posh cars.

With an engine as heavy as 209 kilograms (dry weight) his V8 possesses one of the lightest, but powerful engines in its competitive segment.

Bryan White, who is known for living a modest, simple life now becomes one of the very few Ugandans to acquire such a ride.

This comes at a time when the tycoon and his team at Bryan White foundation are continuing to win hearts and awaken youths from poverty.

See photos of his new car here:

Bryan White standing next to his new ride
An inside view of the car


Check out a video around his sleek ride


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