Bryan White Breaks Silence on Catherine Kusasira and Foundation Future

Bryan White addressing the press at his palatial home in Munyonyo
Bryan White addressing the press at his palatial home in Munyonyo

Bryan White Foundation (BWF) founder, Bryan White has broken the silence regarding the foundation’s activities. While addressing the nation at his makeshift offices in Munyonyo, Bryan White said people have taken advantage of his silence to tarnish his name. “I have been resting because i had to rest as I prepare for fresh foundation activities across the country,” Bryan White said.

He said if he shared his money with Ugandans, it’s his money and the decision was out of his heart adding that he started the foundation to help the youth.

He said every Ugandan is free to support any political party of his wish, do what makes them happy and that you can’t force someone to love something.

Bryan said he can’t run out of Uganda, his motherland and its where he will be buried. “I haven’t committed any crime so i won’t run out of the country. As Ugandans hate won’t take us anywhere,” he said.

He accused Lwemiyaga MP Hon. Theadore Ssekikuubo of tarnishing his name with false stories that Bryan White picks money from the state house while appearing on CBS Radio.

Bryan White challenged Ssekikubo to produce evidence of him being given the money by the president. “Let him come and we go together to the president and he shows me where i signed,” Bryan said.

During the address, Bryan accused politicians and people who work with the president of failing Ugandans by serving personal and selfish interests

“When you start something for the youth and something that will help government on the work load, they sabotage and fight you.  I won’t fear anyone and won’t be intimidated. I need to be obedient to the government and if government appreciates what you are doing, you can’t object. others think talking a lot will help them. I have my people who love me and if i came up with my program let me do my best,” he added.

The humanitarian and youth activist went on to accuse ministers for failing government programmes by not telling the president what is on the ground.

He said some ministers are just gambling, they have failed to deliver for the people and when other start doing something that will help the government and ease the pressure, they start sabotaging and bringing the past, you start cliques and hire people to spread false stories on the media especially on social media. He added that everyone on earth has his or her past but what you are today is what matters.

“Stop forcing me into things that I don’t know. Let people do what they want, what they support and everyone is free to choose his side whether politics or not. We are different with different hearts and everyone is free to share their money with who they want. Cheap popularity won’t help you, it won’t pay bills. Likes on social media will not put you anywhere. I haven’t been to Sweden as they are alleging and am here in Uganda planning for my next activity. Stop intimidating and spreading fear and hate. I respect you as ministers because we don’t feed each other’s families but you have been given power and money to empower Ugandans financially especially the youth but you have failed so stop fighting me because am doing what will make me these youths better. Ministers you are supposed to do for the nation but not make state house a deals office and help the president to serve the nation perfectly,” he said.

The politicians today have turned the country onto a scuffle one and all they ask for are armoured cars.

We still have time to help this nation, we can still sit and sort out the nation.

“What examples are we setting. Our things these days are for scuffles,” he wondered.

He called on the leaders to work together and develop the nation.

On his relation with the president, Bryan White said the president is his idol. “I have grown up liking him and campaigned for him even when he didn’t know about it,” he added.

I have not used any government money although the government has expressed interest in my foundation’s activities.

“Bring out your strategic plans and you never know. Let us present our plans and we wait for the outcomes. The country is big and we have so many things to do,” he said.

He said his plan is to see youth live better and seeing his family doing better. “I want to leave a legacy behind,” he added.

The reason i see the president is to push for change in the lives of the youths.

On the issue of Catherine Kusasira and Bebe Cool, Bryan White advised people who meet the president to stop blundering.  He advised them to present the ideas well and stop shaming the president.

He said those who want change, it will come and but it should come in a positive but not finding the country at war.

He assured the nation that his Arua project of empowering the youth is ongoing and he is soon going back.  “I am going back to Arua to continue with my project,” he confirmed

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