BREAKING NEWS: Police Raid Bryan White’s House, Impound Posh Cars, Furniture over Unpaid Debts

Police inside Bryan White's home in Buziga

City socialite, Bryan Kirumira alias Bryan White is in hiding after Police this Friday morning raided his home in Buziga.

Police officers accompanied by court bailiffs broke into Bryan White’s house after the self-proclaimed tycoon refused to open the gate. By press time, court brokers were impounding a fleet of his posh cars and furniture which he allegedly acquired on credit. Bryan White is said to have picked billions of shillings from money lenders which he used to buy posh cars and expensive furniture for his rented house in Buziga.

Bryan White faces arrest over unpaid debts

Sources say that efforts to recover money from Bryan White have been futile as he continuously plays cat and mouse games.

It is said that when police raided his home, White hid himself and is currently being pursued by police. He faces arrest and prosecution.

Police outside Bryan White’s home

Impeccable sources says that when Bryan White was tipped that he is under security watch, he migrated his family including wife and children to a small rented muzigo on Busaabala Road and currently use bodaboda to go to school.

Bryan White also faces eviction from the Buziga home which belongs to Emmanuel Katongole, the chairman of Quality Chemicals Limited after he defaulted on rent payment for over one year.

This is not the first time Bryan White is arrested. In 2018, Police raided his home and impounded a luxurious Mercedes Benz Cross Country on allegations that he acquired it fraudulently.

It was alleged that Bryan White bought a Mercedes Benz Cross Country and paid only US$100,000 of US$250,000 (about Shs930,146,032). He allegedly promised to pay the balance, which he did not, prompting the former owner to report a criminal case of obtaining goods by false pretence against Bryan White.

This is a developing story….  

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