Bebe Cool Imports State of the Art Music Equipment

Speaking to the press today Wednesday held at Torino Restaurant in Kololo, Bebe Cool has revealed that he has already started the process of acquiring the valuable equipment which he believes was lacking in the music industry in Uganda.

“Uganda has many talented artists but when it comes to quality videos, most of them have to import machines and I believe if we have this equipment here in Uganda we may not have to spend more on outsiders”, the reggae singer stated.

He added that Uganda needs to fight towards being known also for the good music it produces other than conflicts.

The singer also stated that he intends to set up two audio production studios and one visual studio which will be to the advantage of upcoming artists who have the talent but may not afford studio sessions.

These artists will record their songs freely.  “I felt like it was necessary to invest in the industry rather than making profit while there are many people who still can’t afford studio, so just like I always supported the children with heart problems, I feel  this will support young talent” said  the ‘Love you Everyday’ singer.

The studios expected to launch next year in February 2019 when the equipment arrives in the country will have four in-house producers who will be working 24/7.

At the same conference, Bebe Cool announced his ‘Tondeka Ekiwatule’ concert set for 26 December.

Proceeds from this concert will go towards payment of school fees for the needy children. This will be the first time the singer is getting back on stage after the awkward incident in August where he had bottles thrown at him by angry revelers.

Asked what measures he has put to avoid the re-occurrence of the incident, He said that he was not worried about it because there will be security to take care of it. “I am not scared of just a handful of people yet there is the silent majority who support my cause. I am a civilized man so I cannot fight them back but I am focused on silencing them with my good actions” the Award winner remarked.





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