Bebe Cool Announces Concert Dates


Bebe Cool yesterday 26th February announced his annual concert scheduled for 3rd of August 2018 at the Kampala Serena Hotel.

The Katono singer made the announcement following a very touching story of a woman who sought help from him for her diseased child.

“It all began at 7:00 am on the 15th of February 2018, when this youthful mother camped at my gate seeking for help, just like many do…..In brief, she wanted an air ticket and upkeep to fly her daughter to India for a heart Operation.” Bebe narrates

One of the Mothers of the child with a heart problem

The singer has decided to dedicate the concert to all his friends and other members of the public that came to the rescue of the six heart patients by offering them treatment in India. Some of these memberes include M N. Kishore, Managing Director Norvik Hospital , Patrick Bitature, Mr. Aga Sekalala of Uga Chick and Bryan White Foundation. “I would like to officially thank the above friends for their Golden Hearts.With this major achievement, I thought its appropriate to officially announce that my annual concert this year will be themed “The Golden Hearts”.

It should be remembered that the singer since the inception of his annual concert has recorded massive support from fans and the general public with exception from last year where the concert was never held.

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