Instagram Adds  New Super-Exciting Feature

Instagram has added a new polling feature to Stories that will allow your followers to weigh in on your everyday dilemmas.

The interactive poll sticker lets you ask a question and present two options atop a photo or video –then, once the poll is live, your followers can start voting.

The update comes alongside new tools geared toward a more ‘creative’ experience, including a colour-matching tool for text, and an alignment tool for text and stickers.

Instagram’s new polling feature is now available for iOS and android.

Like other stickers in the app, it can be dragged right onto a photo or video and placed wherever you’d like.

The questions and options are customizable, and results update in real time.

Followers will see your poll when they view your story, and can cast their own vote to reveal which choice is in the lead.

To see the votes yourself, just swipe up, and the full list will be shown.

Instagram has also added a colour picker for text, which will use an eyedropper symbol to choose any colour from a photo, and apply it to text or a drawing.

For iOS, users will also be shown a blue alignment tool to help you centre your stickers.

The latest features come on the heels of several recent updates.

How to use it

Go into your Story and take a photo or video.

Then, swipe up to reveal the stickers, where you will now see the Poll option.

Selecting this will prompt you: ‘Ask a question…’

By default, you will be shown ‘Yes’ and ‘No’.

But, this can also be customized with two options of your choosing.

Once the Story is live, your followers can start voting.

Then, to see the results in real time,


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