EXPOSED! Tycoon Amina Hershi Bankrolls Kadaga

By Andrew Miti

Prominent businesswoman of Somali origin, Amina Hershi has bankrolled Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga’s campaign to get the third term as Speaker of Parliament.

Reliable people in Team Kadaaga have told this website that tycoon has dispatched the first installment of Shs700million to support Kadaaga campaigns.
The money was given to Kadaaga’s nephew and confidant Moses Kaango.
The next batch will be given later to help ‘oil’ the NRM MPs before the NRM caucus meeting.

The team is now energized and are hopeful that the money will make them defy whatever resolution the ruling party’s Central Executive Committee will make especially if it’s against Kadaaga aspirations.

After receiving the cash from tycoon Amina and another reportedly shs 2billion was another city tycoon, Kadaaga has rolled out her campaign.
With her war chest , she is now meeting all regional groups.

Each MP who attends her meetings at Hotel Africana is given a minimum of Shs1million as transport refund.
Campaign materials and paraphernalia including T-shirts have been printed.

Two weeks ago, Kadaaga cried foul that campaign for Speakership had been cheapened by printing of T-shirts.

Amina Hersi, one of the sponsors of Kadaaga, has invested in sugar cane factory in Amuru in northern Uganda, and is reported to also involved in bankrolling MP Gilbert Olanya of Kilak to decampaign Jacob Oulanyah.
Previously, MP Gilbert was opposed to Amina setting up a factory in the north saying government wanted to grab Acholi land through Gen. Salim Saleh.
He organized women to undress.

With the factory now in place , Gilbert is hobnobbing with Amina.

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