Dei Technologies Launches Deiplaces, A New Social Media Platform

Dei Technologies chairman ,Matthias Magoola with his team at the launch

Dei Technologies chairman ,Matthias Magoola with his team at the launch

Dei Technologies, a technology firm has today launched a new social media platform aimed at promoting culture and tourism in Uganda.

The product was unleashed to for the first time to the public at a press launch at Hotel Africana.

Speaking at the launch, Moses Matovu, the product Manager said that the major function of Dei places is to help people share information about places they have been to in their own preferred way. “This platform is here to help people market places. There are over a billion places across the globe worth visiting but people do not know about them. Dei Places is now here to help people market such places to the world,” said Matovu.

Moses Matovu, the product Manager addressing the press

He explained that this platform works by having to first register by creating an account. And then you will be connected directly t the app. The users will be able share their status by uploading photos of the place they would want the rest of the users to know. Like any other platform, they can share texts.

Dr Paul Bamutaze the Head of Business Development Dei Technologies noted that Dei Places is a product designed for not only Uganda but Africa and the world at large.

“The world has become too small for people to think only for their localities. At Dei Technologies, our focus is now global. We have therefore created a number of affiliations on many other products. Dei Places is our first product, but many more are on the way,” said Bamutaze.

However, Bamutaze also appreciated the fact that internet usage in Uganda has greatly increased citing a recent report by the Uganda Communications Commission.

“By June this year, Uganda had over 17.1millioninternet users according to UCC. This is a great increase compared to the same period last year, where internet usage stood at 16.8 million. We are therefore confident that many Ugandans will be able to share their places,” he added.


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