Corporates unite for fun-filled charity road trip


At a time when many corporates are saving for the eventful December holiday, a group of corporates are using their disposable income for a good cause. Employees of corporate institutions like the UIRIU, Kyambogo University, among others, spearheaded by accountant, Damali Nakirya have teamed up to fight the rampant teenage pregnancies. To do this, they have lined up a series of outreach campaigns across the country where they will sensitize communities, parents and teachers alike on top of donating essentials like sanitary pads, scholastic materials like books, pens and pencils et al.

In a campaign they have dubbed #zeropregnancy4teenagers, the group’s outreach activities seek to commence on November 4th at a school called St Daniels Secondary school Kagoli, Pallisa.

“We are going to be donating knickers, petty cots, reusable sanitary pads, pens, books and literature about teenage pregnancy that can help the communities we seek to impact. We plan to use the research we have on our hands to establish the current problems, then through our campaigns, try and find practical and working solutions for the communities. We don’t necessarily see ourselves as world savers. And neither do we regard ourselves in that caliber. We simply realize that our individual initiatives as the corporate community in the country would save lots of lives. There is a lot of ignorance out there, yet instead of sharing the knowledge we as corporates amass during our study periods with the people that never get the privilege of acquiring it, we choose to complain about how our country’s study curriculum is useless. After St Daniels, we will do 5 other schools in Pallisa, before moving on to hunger stricken areas like Kumi,Soroti, Bududa and hopefully, with the support of fellow corporates, do the rest of the country. We call upon fellow corporates to join the cause, because it’s not entirely charity, but the Road Trips are fun too,” relayed Damali Nakirya at one of their gatherings recently.

Corporates pose for pictures with beneficiaries at a recent out reach

Mathias Nsimbe, one of the members of the initiative, says that the initiatives are also full of fun.

“We carry entertainment in the form of dance and musical performances to some of these outreaches to make sure that the masses are entertained and in the process, leverage maximum and mass attention for our sensitization. Also, the road trips are fun for us the participants. The journey is full of unhinged fun. We do stop overs for recreational activities in the places we go. Swimming, Bunjee Jumping, Quad Biking, are all plans incorporate along the way. There is lots of Nyama Choma, stop-over games and sports games at the venues of donations so that we enjoy the process of charity atop the satisfaction and fulfillment that comes with donations,” relayed Mathias Nsimbe.

The group at a recent outreach

The Pallisa outreach will be the first of many, and it will be held on 4th November 2017 at the St Daniels Secondary School premises. The updates of the campaign are however posted on the Manzi Outreach campaign Social Media for corporates who want to join the cause.



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