Coca-Cola Hosts Uganda Export Promotion Board ED At Plastic Recycling Industries

CCBA Director Public Affairs and Communication Simon Kaheru, explaining ...

Coca-Cola Beverages Africa Uganda has today hosted Dr. Elly Twineyo Kamugisha, the Executive Director of Uganda Export Promotions Board at Plastic Recycling Industries Nakawa, where they recycle plastic waste.

Speaking on behalf of CCBA Uganda, Mr. Simon Kaheru, the Director Public Affairs and Communications said “As CCBA, we are committed to environmental stewardship. As a responsible Company, we focus on constantly reducing the impact of our packaging on the environment through the light weighting of our packaging material and supporting recycling efforts. In Uganda, we were the first Company to construct PET collection centers across the entire Country when we first launched plastic packaging in 2010. Right now, our recycling plant here in Nakawa collects between 7- 10 tonnes of plastic per day, ridding the environment over 300 tonnes of plastic per month”.

Through our processes, we are able to create employment for over 1500 Ugandans especially the urban poor. It is important to note that 80% of these collectors are women who at least earn about $17 per week. As well, we export the flake which is the end result of our recycling process, and earn the Country the much needed foreign exchange. He was quick to point out to Dr. Twineyo the current challenge to the plastic recycling Industry being the changing landscape of plastic imports in the Western World as well as China, which was the biggest consumer of plastic waste. He called upon UEPB to explore ways of supporting the effort.

On his part, the UEPB Executive Director Dr. Elly Twineyo pledged to spearhead a discussion with Government over installing an extruder at PRI. In his own words “Coca-Cola group is doing a good job collecting waste that would be clogging our water ways and soils. They are also creating jobs and adding value to waste while doing this. Not only does Plastic Recycling Industries recycle plastic, but water as well and uses 90% of it back into the system. “This is really impressive and as UEPB, we shall support them to get to the next level”. Dr. Twineyo was amazed at the value chain and the number of people that are touched along the way in a sustainable manner.


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