BREAKING: Kadaga Sacks aides over Janet, CEC Rumors


Speaker Rebecca Kadaga has sacked two of her aides for allegedly having links with First lady Janet Museveni and top members of the NRM Central Executive Committee. (CEC)

Andrew Waiswa, a personal assistant and Derick Lubaale, an office assistant of embattled Speaker Kadaga have lost their jobs in parliament.
They become the latest victims in parliament, falling over rumors that the Speaker receives and uses in the discharge of her public authority.

Sources in parliament told this website that the duo was summarily sacked last week over reports that they are moles of the First Lady Janet Museveni and some NRM CEC members who Kadaga perceives to be against her.

The young man Waiswa, a born again, who often led prayers and birthday celebrations for Kadaga in her office, was accused of providing intelligence to Mrs Museveni .
Another suspect, James Musobo, a senior personal assistant, was relocated to the department of administration as an administrative assistant following pleas from his sister who works in the office of the president and acts as her Kadaga’s listening post.
The sacking of Waiswa and Lubaale comes after earlier sackings of several employees on circumstances related to rumors.
Kamaali Sibira David, principal personal assistant, was sacked in June last year, for allegedly holding meetings with members of the First Family & being an employee of ISO.

Before him , Kadaga had sacked three other senior personal assistants; Daniel Kizito, Edwin Basoga and Sophia Mpawuwe, accused of spying on her for State House.
The list is endless for security officers, sent away from speaker’s directorate accused of spying for the big man. They include; Col Bamuloze, SSP Obela, SP kyesimira, Abby Kisozi, Ngobi Moses, Nyiiro moses, Mukobi Patrick, Ruth Mutesi among others.
Ms Mutesi went beyond the call of duty by even cleaning Kadaga’s wounds on the leg when she was ill but was still accused of being a State House loyalist.

All the officers say they fell victims of rumors and intrigue which define Kadaga’s administration style.
Even a one Monica, who was a maid for Kadaga at her Muyenga home is cursing why she gave her best but was sacked for a crime she doesn’t know.

Whispers in parliament corridors are that Kadaga, a lawyer, seems to have made herself the law on each and everything in parliament.
She terminates staff on running contracts without due regard of the administrative law and procedures and fear is all over parliamentary precincts because no one seems to call her to order as that would attract vendetta.
The latest sacking of Waiswa and Lubaale corroborates what Kira Municipality MP Ibrahim Semujju stated in NBS TV flagship political talk show, The Frontline, that Kadaga had turned parliament in a personal chiefdom and she had become parliament herself.
In perpetual abuse of power, Kadaga has ensured that the Auditor General and the IGG are her puppets.

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