Angella Katatumba Moves to Restore Father’s Splendor at Hotel Diplomaté

Angella Katatumba the current head of Hotel Diplomate
Angella Katatumba the current head of Hotel Diplomate

Musician and philanthropist Angela Katatumba, after the demise of her beloved father, swore to uphold his legacy.

Among many of her works, the singer has started reinstating the glory at Hotel Diplomaté in Muyenga.

We have since learnt that she has renovated  the hilltop-placed Bar and Lounge named “The View.”

As the name unreservedly states, the bar offers the most incredible view of the city at the apex of Diplomate.

Angella confirmed the developments saying sheshe partnered with 3 dynamic gentlemen; Samuel, Ronny and Henos to make it Kampala’s most epic bar and lounge.

She also told us that the rooms at the Hotel have been enhanced to match their guests’ expectations.

She is indeed proving to be a business force to be reckoned with.

With the current momentum and splendor in making, The View is undoubtedly aspiring to be Kampala’s most iconic bar.

Check out a video of Angella showing off the newly renovated bar.

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