Sheraton Hotel employees flaunt appetizing flesh at fun day


Sheraton Hotel employees flaunt appetizing flesh at fun day    Recently, Kampala Sheraton Hotel held their annual fun day, in which the top management mingles with their subordinates.    At first, all we expected to see were men in suits and ladies in floor-sweeping outfits. This however, turned out in extremely the opposite way.    The event kicked off at around 6pm with various guests trickling in, to catch a glimpse at the highly anticipated fun day.    From then up to around 9pm it was kept on the low, with drama, dances and a few other activities dominating the podium.    Later on however, the house was literally set on fire when several models, also employees of the hotel, hit the run way in flesh-revealing outfits.    Cut out of distinct fabrics, the models showcased what truly creativity means with their outfits.    The girls here flashed their tempting flesh as the dudes in the audience cheered on in unison.    Actually, one would easily mistake the event for a Miss Tourism gala, considering the relativity in presentation and stage acts.    Also in attendance was the Sheraton Hotel General Manager Jean-Philippe Bittencourt who cheered on the participants from the word go till the climax.    Our snapper Elisha Muloki caught the event on camera, just for you.

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