Arrest Warrant Issued for Radio and Weasel

(Photos: Michelly Rall/Getty Images)

Telesnoops have landed on an arrest warrant which was issued by the grade one principal magistrate of the Makindye court for singing duo of Radio and Weasel for them to be produced at court today so as to  answer charges of libel and offensive communication which were brought against them by their former manager  Jeff Kiwa. It ought to be noted, that after their bitter fall out with their former manager over a year ago, in regard to issues concerning  financial mismanagement, the singing duo resorted to viciously attacking him on social media platforms like Facebook. This didn’t sit in well the Jeff hence seeking redress in the courts of law. It is however believe that Radio and Weasel have been playing cat and mouse with the courts of law whenever the hearing of this particular case has come up thus the warrant of arrest which was issued.

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