Profile: Peyton Ma Dash–a Sexy Ugandan Queen You have to Meet Before you die


Peyton Ma Dash, as she prefers to call herself is probably a strange name to your ears.

She is a Ugandan glamour girl living in the Diaspora with a very bright future ahead of her.

If you talk about yummy cleavage, astounding body figure, and dripping melanin, then you’re indirectly talking about Peyton.

Her pages, especially Instagram handle [chocolate_thang_] are littered with these super sexy photos of her.

“I like nudes”, she captioned one of her most stunning photos.

Unlike other girls/models in the Diaspora, Peyton is so passionate about her homeland Uganda.

Social Life:

Peyton is an outgoing person who likes to be in company of fellow girls. With vast experience in events management at Drip events, Peyton is no stranger to the night life.

She also seems to harbor modeling dreams if you’re to judge from her company and side gigs.

Peyton is rumored to be a sister to famous model Doreen Kabareebe.

Love Life:

Little is known about her intimacy. Peyton seems to have mastered the art of mystery.


If there’s anything you’d fall for on her body, it definitely will be her titties.

They’re melanin-coated, with a good size and extremely appetizing to look at.

Actually, the Health ministry needs to do a deep investigation, her boobs could cure serious ailments when looked at.


Another striking feature that can never go unnoticed; her thick thighs.

They’re so thick that a single glance at her would send your pants bulging and tongue dripping.

If we’re to describe Peyton, we’d probably need a week.

Head over to her Instagram Account (chocolate_thang) and check out her stunning looks


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