PROFILE: Akello Sarah—A Sexy Fashion Designer with fetish for Shoes, Sisha


Akello Sarah is a new generation fashion designer.

She breathes life into the craft with styles from present day.

Akello, unlike other conventional fashion designers showcases her craft as a model…but she doesn’t like to be referred to as one.

A look into her Instagram [@callmekellsrah] collection leaves a loud bell ringing in your head; who is she really?

Akello, as her name suggests, is a proud Acholi-born petite personality who is faring quite well in the fashion industry.

Her love for shoes and bags is quite insatiable as well.

Akello likes her style simple, sexy and classy.

She is the brains behind KellSrah fashion house—an online glam house.

“I tailor 85% of my outfits,” she says.

Social Life:

Sarah, or KellSarah as she prefers to be called likes hanging out in plush places.

Any club or bar with Sisha, she’ll definitely be on your guest list.

Body and Style

Petite and sexy as she is, Akello doesn’t hesitate to showcase her body.

Her flat tummy is one inescapable feature about her.

She likes bikinis and any other thing that flashes skin.

Love Life

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However, she likes to be in company of girls and men on rare occasions.

If you’re to allege, one would say she’s more into girls than boys.

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